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About Us - Contributors

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Contributor Name:Affiliation:
Abe, DaudiSeattle Central College
Absher, A.Case Western Reserve University
Ackerman, LaurenUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Adair, ZakiyaUniversity of Missouri, Columbia
Adams, ChelseaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Adams, LutherUniversity of Washington, Tacoma
Adejumobi, Saheed A.Seattle University
Adeleke, TundeIowa State University
Agbor, Phylisha W.Independent Historian
Agee, HeatherBerea College
Aguirre, CarlosUniversity of Oregon
Aguirre, MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Agyeman, Kwasi H.Independent Historian
Ahmed, Neima A.University of Washington, Seattle
Alexander, Justice GerrySupreme Court of the State of Washington
Alexandrov, Vladimir Yale University
Ali, Omar H.University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Aller, HenryUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Amica, Jedidiah I.Berea College
Anacker, CaelenMontana State University
Anders, Tisa M.Independent Historian
Anderson, Erica LeeUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Anderson, JohnIndependent Historian
Anderson, MegIndependent Historian
Anderson, SusanIndependent Historian
Andrews, George ReidUniversity of Pittsburgh
Andrus, James ArnoldIndependent Historian
Anthony, David H. III Ph.D.University of California, Santa Cruz
Appiah, Kwame AnthonyPrinceton University
Arenson, AdamUniversity of Texas, El Paso
Armitage, SusanWashington State University
Arnold, LaurieGonzaga University
Asukile, ThabitiIndependent Historian
Atiyah, Donnette HatchIndependent Historian
Auslander, MarkCentral Washington University, Ellensburg
Austin, Hilary
Baadom-Piaro, Bemene Berea College
Baarsma, BillIndependent Historian
Bacharach, Jere L.University of Washington, Seattle
Bachman, WaltIndependent Historian
Baker, BenjaminIndependent Historian
Baker, JohnIndependent Historian
Baldasty, Gerald J.University of Washington, Seattle
Banks, James A.University of Washington, Seattle
Banks, PatriciaMount Holyoke College
Banks, WilliamUniversity of California, Berkeley
Barbee-Wooten, DaphneIndependent Historian
Barkley, Charles KellyOregon State University
Barnett, Douglas Q.Independent Historian
Barney, AustinIndependent Historian
Barr, AlwynTexas Tech University
Bartlett, SarahIndependent Historian
Barton, CoreyBerea College
Bartoy, Kevin M.Independent Historian
Baskerville, RashidaIndependent Historian
Baskin, AndrewBerea College
Bastien, EliotIndependent Historian
Bauman, RobertWashington State University, Tri-Cities
Behan Barbara C.Independent Historian
Belicove, Mikal E.Independent Historian
Belmond, VanessaLos Angeles Pierce College
Bender, RitaIndependent Historian
Benedicto, ErickaIndependent Historian
Benjamin, WinstonUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Bennett, RickIndependent Historian
Benton, Monica J.Independent Historian
Berlin, IraUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Bernal, AudryUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Bernard, IanIndependent Historian
Bernard-Bastien, SandraIndependent Historian
Bernardo, JosephIndependent Historian
Besel, PeterUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Beverton, AlysUniversity of Sussex, England
Bey, MarquisCornell University
Bilow, AliUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Birzer, Dedra McDonaldHillsdale College (Michigan)
Bishop, MisunUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Bishop, Victoria (Tori)University of Washington, Seattle
Black, JanineTemple University
Blakely, AllisonBoston University
Blank, CarlaIndependent Historian
Blecha, PeterIndependent Historian
Bletson, DyshaunticUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Block, WilliamIndependent Historian
Blocker, RickIndependent Historian
Blue, Christopher T.University of Washington, Seattle
Blueford, Dolores IreneIndependent Historian
Blyden, RuthBerea College
Bond de Pérez, ZaniceIndependent Historian
Bourlin, OlgaIndependent Historian
Bowen, J. ScottIndependent Historian
Boydston, CassandraUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Brack, NaomiiRichard J. Daley College
Brackett, John K.University of Cincinnati
Bradley, AndersUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Bradley, JonathanUniversity of Sydney, Australia
Bradley-Holliday, ValerieIndependent Historian
Bragg, SusanGeorgia Southwestern State University
Braimah, AyodaleUniversity of Kansas
Brenc, WillieStanford University
Brenton, FelixUniversity of Sussex, England
Bright, LorenzoJohns Hopkins University
Brodsky, MeganUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Brooms, DerrickUniversity of Louisville
Brose, KathleenIndependent Historian
Broussard, AlbertTexas A&M University
Broussard, AntoinetteIndependent Historian
Brown, AmyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Brown, Diane T.Independent Historian
Brown, IreneIndependent Historian
Bryan, ErikaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Buckner-Inniss, LolitaCleveland State University and Hamilton College
Bullock, JamesIndependent Historian
Bulmash, Lisa MyersIndependent Historian
Bundles, A'Lelia Independent Historian
Burgo, BarbaraIndependent Historian
Burnett, LucyIndependent Historian
Burrage, Hilary The Samuel Coleridge Taylor Foundation
Bush, LawsonCalifornia State University, Los Angeles
Butler, GerryIndependent Historian
Byarlay, RyanUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Cabiao, HowardIndependent Historian
Cady, DanielCalifornia State University, Fresno
Cairns, KathleenCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Campbell, BrentUniversity of Washington, Seatttle
Campbell, CoryIndependent Historian
Campbell, RachelSyracuse University
Carr, Frances J.Independent Historian
Carr, TaylorUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Carroll, PeterIndependent Historian
Carson, ClayborneStanford University
Cauthen, ChasityMorgan State University
Chandler, Robert J.Independent Historian
Charles-Ford, SecretIndependent Historian
Chavis, Charles L.University of Maryland, Baltimore
Cheam, BunthayUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Chinyelu, TichaonaIndependent Historian
Cho, NancyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Christensen, NateIndependent Historian
Christensen, StephanieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Christian, AnnaIndependent Historian
Cieslak, MartaIndependent Historian
Cleary, DonAugusta State University
Clevenger, SamuelUniversity of Wyoming
Cobbins-Modica, Quin'Nita F.University of Washington, Seattle
Coblentz, DavidUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Cole, Constance R. Independent Historian
Cole, PeterWestern Illinois University
Coleman, Ronald G.University of Utah
Coleman, WillieUniversity of Vermont
Collins, Minnie A.Seattle Central College
Collins, SibrinaThe Charles H. Wright Museum
Collins, SteveKansas City Kansas Community College
Collisson, CraigMetropolitan State University, Denver
Conley, Darlene J.St. Martins University
Cooper, Weston W.University of Washington, Seattle
Cortes, DavidUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Cotkin, GeorgeCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Counts, George W.Independent Historian
Cousins, EmilyUniversity of Bath, England
Crawford, JeffButte College
Crowder, Ralph L.University of California, Riverside
Crowley, MadelineIndependent Historian
Crowley, Walter C.Independent Historian
Cruickshank, RobertUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Cunningham, ValerieIndependent Historian
Curry, AndrewUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Cuykendall, Clydia J.Independent Historian
Dace, Karen L.Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Dagbovie, Pero GagloMichigan State University
Dailey, Jr., Maceo CrenshawUniversity of Texas, El Paso
Dalesandro, LauraIndependent Historian
Dalton, Demetrice P.Our Story, Inc.
Daniels, Douglas HenryUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Dartis, MichelleIndependent Historian
Davis, EdmondUniversity of Phoenix
Davis, KelcieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Davis, LaQuantaeUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Davis, Robert "Bob"North Carolina A&T State University
Dearmon Muhammad, RobinOhio University
deGuzman, Jean-Paul R.University of California, Los Angeles
Dennis, Carol AnnAlabama State University
Dhadon, DhadonBerea College
Diaz, EdAssociation for African American Historical Research and Preservation (AAAHRP)
Díaz, SaraUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Diouf, Sylviane AnnaSchomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Dorsey, Maurice W.Independent Historian
Drousie, ÉmileSciences Po, Paris
Dunbar, TateUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Dyson, Michael EricGeorgetown University
Eaton, AmberUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Eaton, KalendaArcadia University
Eddins, CrystalMichigan State University
Edelstein, DouglasIndependent Historian
Egu, Ken ChiedozieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Eick, Gretchen CasselIndependent Historian
Elkholy, Ayman TarekUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Emison, JimIndependent Historian
Engledew, Devin JohnUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Erbach, ElizabethBerea College
Erickson, ShannonUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Ernst, AlinaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Esau, GeorgeUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Escamilla, LuisIndependent Historian
Espiritu, AllisonIndependent Historian
Essington, AmyCalifornia State University, Fullerton
Evans, Marissa K.University of Washington, Seattle
Faal, CourtneyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Farley, Lauren E.Berea College
Farthing, BrianUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fate, MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fawthrop, ElizabethUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fearn-Banks, KathleenUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Feder-Haugabook, AyalaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Feldman, LaurieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fenison, Jimmy B.Independent Historian
Fenner-Dorrity, EvelynIndependent Historian
Ferguson, II, Stephen C.North Carolina A&T State University
Fernandez, MaritzaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fields-Black, Edda L.Carnegie Mellon University
Fikes, RobertSan Diego State University
Fitzgerald, NatalieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fletcher, PhyllisIndependent Historian
Fletcher-Brown, Charlene J.Indiana University
Foreman, CheyenneUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Foster, Catherine D. (Kay)Independent Historian
Foster, HannahUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Foyart, PaulSciences Po, Paris
Fragie, TylerUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Frailey, PaulUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Francis, BerlIndependent Historian
Franz, AlyssaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Fredericks, Brenda EllisIndependent Historian
Fried, RebeccaSidwell Friends School
Gallaher, RachelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Gann, BrianIndependent Historian
Garner, Carla W.Independent Historian
Gasanabo, Jean-DamasceneUNESCO Consultant
Gaspaire, BrentWestern Washington University
Gates, Henry Louis Jr.Harvard University
Gayton, CarverIndependent Historian
Gemmell, KylieUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Genatossio, NoahUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Giffin, SusanIndependent Historian
Gilbert, AlanUniversity of Denver
Gill, KaranjotUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Gillmer, SophiaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Gittleman, FeliciaIndependent Historian
Glasrud, BruceIndependent Historian
Glenn, Aszemar
Goldman, HenryIndependent Historian
Goldman, MarionUniversity of Oregon
Golland, David HamiltonGovernors State University
Goodloe, TrevorIndependent Historian
Graham, CaseyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Granberry, DorothyBridges Research
Granshaw, MichelleUniversity of Pittsburgh
Graveline, Rose MaryIndependent Historian
Gray, JoyceannIndependent Historian
Greason, WalterMonmouth University
Greenlaw, MarshallUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Gregory, JamesUniveristy of Washington, Seattle
Greve, EricUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Griffis, MatthewUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Griffith, Susan J.University of Washington, Seattle
Grinde, Jr., DonaldState University of New York at Buffalo
Guy, James CameronUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Guzmán, WillNew Jersey City University
Haddad-Fonda, KyleIndependent Historian
Hall, Gwendolyn MidloRutgers University, New Brunswick
Hamilton, Carey HolwellIndependent Historian
Hamilton, Samuel Z.University of Florida
Handel, HeatherUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Hannah, Cheryl BullockIndependent Historian
Hansen, MoyaColorado Historical Society
Hanson, Gayle W.Independent Historian
Hanson, MarianneIndependent Historian
Hardaway, RogerNorthwestern Oklahoma State University
Harding, LakeishaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Harris, April L.Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California
Harris, TrudierUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hassan, AminaIndependent Historian
Hauck, JanetWhitworth College
Hegazy, AbdallahIndependent Historian
Helfgott, Esther AltshulIndependent Historian
Helm, MattUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Helton, DanielUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Hendrix, Janie L.Independent Historian
Henig, AdamIndependent Historian
Henry, MaryIndependent Historian
Henry, Victor Jr.Berea College
Hensel, BritIndependent Historian
Hersey, Mark D.University of Kansas
Heung, CamilleIndependent Historian
Hill, Anthony DuaneOhio State University
Hill, GloriaIndependent Historian
Hill, RebeccaYork University (Canada)
Hill, StephenIndependent Historian
Hilliard, ConstanceUniversity of North Texas
Hinger, CharlotteIndependent Historian
Hodder, KevinUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Hoffman, Brian GeneUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Honey, Michael K.University of Washington, Tacoma
Hooton, LauraUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Hornsby, Jr., AltonMorehouse College
Hornsby-Gutting, AngelaUniversity of Mississippi
Howard, JudyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Howard, MikelleUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Hsu, AustinUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Hudson, RobCarnegie Hall
Hughes, JohnIndependent Historian
Hunt, ChuckNational Park Service
Hunter, MaxSeattle Pacific University
Hunter, Virgillo AmandoUniversity of East Anglia (England)
Hurst, RyanIndependent Historian
Hurt, LeslieNorth Carolina Central University
i, w. gabriel selassieLos Angeles City College
Iaroslavtsev, NicholasUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Inniss, Patrick S.Independent Historian
Intondi, VincentMontgomery College (Maryland)
Irons, Stasia MehschelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Ison, JamesIndependent Historian
Ito, Gail Arlene Independent Historian
Jack, BryanWinston-Salem State University
Jackson, ErrinUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Jackson, JoelleUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Jackson, Miles M.University of Hawaii
Jackson, Wilbur Everett, Jr.Independent Historian
Jager, Steven J. Independent historian
Jefferson, Alison RoseUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Jefferson, Robert F.University of New Mexico
Jeffrey, KendraNorthwest African American Museum, Seattle
Joe, MonicaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Johns, BarbaraIndependent Historian
Johnson, ChristopherUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Johnson, Doris RichardsonJefferson State Community College, Alabama
Johnson, JenniferIndependent Historian
Johnson, K. Marcia Independent Historian
Johnson, KarenBigelow House Museum, Olympia, Washington
Johnson, RichardUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Johnson, Robert LeeIndependent Historian
Johnson, Stephanie Anne California State University, Monterey Bay
Johnson, Tekla AliSalem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Johnson, Willard R.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Johnson, Wilma J.Independent Historian
Johnston, James H. Independent Historian
Jonas, RayUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Jones, AshleyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Jones, Cynthia B.Independent Historian
Jones, Howard J.Independent Historian
Jones, JamesUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Jones, RobinIndependent Historian
Jones, WendyIndependent Historian
Jones-Branch, CherisseArkansas State University, Jonesboro
Jones-Sneed, FrancesMassachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Jordan, KarenIndependent Historian
Joshel, SandraUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Juantuah, KwadwoBerea College
Juarez, AndreaIndependent Historian
Kagawa, GrantIndependent Historian
Karenga, TiamoyoKawaida Institute of Pan-African Studies, Los Angeles
Kastner, CharlesIndependent Historian
Katz, William L.Independent Historian
Kaubisch, BarretUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Kaul, AbhinavUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Kealoha, Samantha NicholasUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Keller, DavidIndependent Historian
Kelly, JamesIndependent Historian
Kemezis, Kathleen University of Washington, Seattle
Kent, W. Mae Independent Historian
Kershner, JimIndependent Historian
Key, NovelleUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Kilian, CrawfordCapilano College, British Columbia
Kindig, JessieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
King, DonaldIndependent Historian
Kinson, ChristopherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kirk, IanUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Kirkendall, Richard S.University of Washington, Seattle
Kissinger, MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Klein, AlexanderUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Knatt, LaKeshaIndependent Historian
Knight, StephanieAntioch McGregor University
Kreiger, CarolineUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Krom, SteveUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Kuklick, BruceUniversity of Pennsylvania
Kwesi Arko Cee, Paa (Philip Arko Ewusi)Independent Historian
Kyriacopoulos, Konstantine A.University of Washington, Seattle
Lacey, Marlette C.Independent Historian
Lane, HaleyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Lang, ClarenceUniversity of Kansas
Lang, WilliamPortland State University
Langford, JamesIndependent Historian
Lanum, MackenzieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Large, JerrySeattle Times
Larsen, Julia HenningUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Lawson, JacquelineBlack Genealogy Research Group
Lawson-Borders, GracieHoward University
Lee, Allen L.Independent Historian
Lee-Payne, EdithIndependent Historian
Leichner, HelenUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Leiker, JamesJohnson County Community College, Kansas
Lembeck, HarryIndependent Historian
Leonard, KevinMiddle Tennessee State University
Leveen, LoisIndependent Historian
Lewis, Carole IoneIndependent Historian
Lewis, DavidIndependent Historian
Lewis, JamesIndependent Historian
Lewis, LindaIndependent Historian
Libow, LarryIndependent historian
Lindstrom, Bo S.Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Lock, EtienneRhodes University, South Africa
Lofton, RobinIndependent Historian
Lohse, BillUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Lowe, TurkiyaNational Park Service
Lucas, Shu-chenIndependent Historian
Macauley, Stephen NathanielUniversity of Utah
MacDonald, Meg MeneghelIndependent Historian
Mack, DwayneBerea College
Mack, FeliciaEastern Kentucky State University
Mack, WillieSouthern New Hampshire University
Maguire, LéaSciences Po, Paris
Mahoney, EleanorIndependent Historian
Maillard, Mary Independent Historian
Maiorana, JulietteIndependent Historian
Malcolm, Tavis AlanUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Mallard, NatalieIndependent Historian
Mance, AjuanMills College
Mangun, KimberleyUniversity of Utah
Manos, NickUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Mars, Shaun MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Marshall, Valin G.British Columbia Black History Awareness Society
Martinez, Dai’QuiriyaIndependent Historian
Martinez, Eligio Jr.University of Washington, Seattle
Martinez, Ricardo S.United States District Court Judge
Martins, Ana NinaIndependent Historian
Massamba, RudyIndependent Historian
Massey, Sara R.Independent Historian
Mathies, StephanieBerea College
Matin, KhadijahIndependent Historian
Matsumaru, MichaelUniversity of New Orleans
Maxwell, ElissaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
McBride, ColinUniversity of Washington, Seattle
McClendon III, John H.Michigan State University
McClure, Christine and DennisIndependent Historian
McConaghy, LorraineMuseum of History & Industry, Seattle
McCray, KenjaAtlanta Metropolitan State College
McCurdy, DevonUniversity of Washington, Seattle
McDade, Georgia S.Independent Historian
McGee, Jr., HenrySeattle University
McInelly, CadeUniversity of Washington, Seattle
McKibbon, Carol LynnStanford University
McLagan, ElizabethPortland (Oregon) Community College
McLean, PollyUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
McLellan, CarltonSenior Fellow at the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST)
McNally, DeborahUniversity of Washington, Seattle
McWhorter, John H.Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Meakin, KateUniversity of Hull, England
Mealey, RichUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Meek, AustenIndependent Historian
Mennenga, LacindaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Mentor, MadalynBerea College
Micklin, Anna T.Evergreen State College
Micklin, LeeIndependent Historian
Mikell, RobertCalifornia State University, Fresno
Mikkelsen, Jr., EdwardUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Miles, AnthonyIndependent Historian
Milewski, MelissaNew York University
Miller, SusanArizona State University
Millner, DarrellPortland State University
Mills, DarhianUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Miyamoto, Melody M.Collin College
Modica, AaronHighline College
Mohn, StephenUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Mohr, JamesUniversity of Oregon
Molson, JeannetteIndependent Historian
Momodu, SamuelSouthern New Hampshire University
Moore, RobertIndependent Historian
Moore, Shirley Ann WilsonCalifornia State University, Sacramento
Mouser, Bruce L.University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Mouser, JosephUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Moyle, ClayIndependent Historian
Mueller, RobertIndependent Historian
Muhammad, AhmadIndependent Historian
Mulroy, KevinUniversity of Southern California
Munro, RobertMichigan State University
Muratovic, VildanaIndependent Historian
Murray, KylaSyracuse University
Nash, GaryUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Neary, JanetCity University of New York
Negassa, SemharUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Nelson, H. ViscountUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Nelson, Timothy E., Ph.D.Independent Historian
Newman, AlexisUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Newmark, JillIndependent Historian
Nichols, CaseyDickinson College
Nielsen, Euell A.Independent Historian
Nimenya, SecondeIndependent Historian
Nokes, R. GregoryIndependent Historian
O'Brien, William P.National Park Service
O'Connell, Deirdre Independent Historian
O'Connor, Allison MarieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
O'Mara, MargaretUniversity of Washington, Seattle
O'Sullivan, RoryUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Oertel, Kristen TegtmeierUniversity of Tulsa
Offenbacher, ElishevaIndependent Historian
Ohajuru, Michael Independent Historian
Okocha, VictorUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Olsen, WinnifredThurston County (Wa.) Historical Commission
Opsahl, Alexander J.Independent Historian
Orange, TonyCentral Area Motivation Program, Seattle
Osgood, HarleyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Otis, Ginger AdamsIndependent Historian
Ott, ChrisUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Parker, ChristopherUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Partin, ElliotUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Pascoe, PeggyUniversity of Oregon
Passannante, AugustUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Patterson, Tiffany RubyVanderbilt University
Patterson, Vanessa LeAnneUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Patton, TraceyUniversity of Wyoming
Payne, Edith L.Independent Historian
Payne, Sharon McGriff-Independent Historian
Pearson, RudyAmerican River Community College, Sacramento
Pelton, Tristan MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Pengra, Lilah MortonIndependent Historian
Perkins, Lee S.Independent Historian
Perry, Jeffrey B.Independent Historian
Perry, LaurenIndependent Historian
Peters, Paula J.University of Washington, Seattle
Peterson, HeatherUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Pharr, Gwendolyn EppsNorfolk State University
Phillips, Delores C.Independent Historian
Phillips, JohannaIndependent Historian
Piccard, Katherine C.Independent historian
Pien, DianeIndependent Historian
Pietila, AnteroIndependent Historian
Pijeaux, Jr., LawrenceThe Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Pitre, MerlineTexas Southern University
Pitts, VanessaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Pitzer, RobertUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Pope, DanielUniversity of Oregon
Pope-Levison, PriscillaSeattle Pacific University
Portes, JacquesUniversity of Paris
Powell, MeiliUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Power, DesmondIndependent Historian
Power, SteveIndependent historian
Pratt, ShontoriaSyracuse University
Pratt, Tiffany L. Berea College
Pressly, Thomas J.University of Washington, Seattle
Pruitt, BernadetteSam Houston State University
Quintana, Maria L. Yale University
Quintero, MariaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Rafael, Vicente L.University of Washington, Seattle
Rand-Caplan, Ramona L.University of New Mexico
Ravage, John W.Independent Historian
Reed, Wilson EdwardSeattle University
Reese, Linda W.Independent Historian
Rex, KyleUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Reynolds, David S.City University of New York
Reynolds, JacquelineHoward University
Rhue, MonikaIndependent Historian
Richards, JohnettaSan Francisco State University
Rivera, AliciaCalifornia State Univesity, Fresno
Rivet, NathanUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Rixon, KarlaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Robart-Johnson, SharonIndependent Historian
Roberson, Jere W.University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond
Robinette, DesireeUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Robinson, Brooks B.Independent Historian
Robinson, Edward J.Abilene Christian University
Robinson, GregUniversity of Quebec at Montreal
Robinson, KarinaSpecial Assistant to the California State Librarian
Robinson, Marc ArsellWhitworth University
Robinson, Yonaia University of Washington, Seattle
Robison, Kenneth "Ken" G.Independent Historian
Rodriguez Candeaux, SuyentSyracuse University
Rodriguez, AlbertUniversity of Houston
Rodriquez-Estrada, Alicia I.Los Angeles Trade & Technical College
Rogers, Brittany RoseUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Roose, HollyUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Rop, JimmyBerea College
Roth, CatherineIndependent Historian
Roy, LisaIndependent Historian
Royster, Juana R.Independent Historian
Rozen-Wheeler, AdamIndependent Historian
Ruffin II, Herbert G.Syracuse University
Rupert, AllisonUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Sa'adeh, Lisa TompkinsIndependent Historian
Sadowski, JeremyIndependent Historian
Sadrud-Din, Zaakira L.Morgan State University
Sahle, TemneetUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Saldivar, RhondaTexas Southern University
Salo, JessicaIndependent Historian
Salter, DarenUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Samms, AndrewUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Samuels, Wilfred D.University of Utah
Sanders, DarsheikesBerea College
Sanders, SherenAlcorn University
Sano, Yulonda EadieAlcorn State University
Satter, BerylRutgers University, Newark
Savage, JoniIndependent Historian
Scarbrough, MarileeIndependent Historian
Scates, ShelbyIndependent Historian
Schiesl, MartinCalifornia State University, Los Angeles
Schinke, Birgit Independent Historian
Schott-Bresler, KaylaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Schrempp, ZachUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Schubert, Frank "Mickey"Independent Historian
Sclater, Karla KellingUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Scott, Daryl MichaelHoward University
Scott, GabrielIndependent Historian
Scott, Terry AnneHood College
Scott-Zerr, Amy MarieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Searles, Michael N.Augusta State University
Selcer, RichardWeatherford College
Sgambelluri, SabriannaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Shabazz, AmilcarUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
Shell, CherylIndependent Historian
Shine, Gregory PaynterNational Park Service
Simba, MalikCalifornia State University, Fresno
Simms, ReneeUniversity of Puget Sound
Singer, HazelIndependent historian
Slatta, RichardNorth Carolina State University
Slaughter, MichaelIndependent Historian
Slawson, RobertNational Museum of Civil War Medicine
Sluyter, AndrewLouisiana State University
Smith, Adam ChristianIndependent historian
Smith, AlonzoMontgomery College (Maryland)
Smith, Christi M.Ohio State University
Smith, Craig MarshallIndependent Historian
Smith, Eric A.Independent Historian
Smith, Gloria LawshaIndependent Historian
Smith, John DavidUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Smith, Jr., Al ButchIndependent Historian
Smith, RobynIndependent Historian
Smith, StaceyOregon State University
Smith, TianaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Smither, WilliamIndependent Historian
Snethen, Jessica Independent Historian
So, ConnieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Sobers-Outlaw, GillUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Soden, DaleWhitworth University, Spokane, Washington
Soliz, JeanIndependent Historian
Sosebee, ScottStephen F. Austin State University
Spearman, Judge Theodore (Ted) and MarieIndependent Historians
Spigner, ClarenceUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Spratlen, PamelaU.S. Department of State
Staten, CandaceUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Stephens, Ronald J.Purdue University
Stephens-Suber, JoyceIndependent Historian
Steptoe, TyinaUniversity of Arizona
Stevenson, RussellIndependent Historian
Stevenson, ShannaOlympia (Wa.) Heritage Commission
Stirling, RobertUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Stolp-Smith, MichaelIndependent Historian
Strauss, DafnahTel Aviv University, Israel
Stuckey, MelissaUniversity of Oregon
Stultz, SpencerSyracuse University
Sullivan, ErinArizona State University
Sullivan, WillUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Summers, MartinBoston College
Sutherland, Claudia E.Independent Historian
Suzman, Paul
Swan, JuliaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Swanson, AbigailUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Takagi, MidoriWestern Washington University
Tamakloe, Selorm University of Washington, Seattle
Tamblyn, GeorgeUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Taylor, DavidIndependent Historian
Taylor, QuintardUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Teal, ChristopherU.S. Department of State
Terenzi, AlipioIndependent Historian
Tesfa, HasanBerea College
Tesfaye, WoubakalIndependent Historian
Tesfu, JuliannaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Thomas, Barbara EarlNorthwest African American Museum, Seattle
Thomas, CarolUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Thomas, Crystal D.Berea College
Thurber, James A.American University
Tidwell, John EdgarUniversity of Kansas
Todd, RheannaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Tolly, VictorUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Tolson, ClaudetteGeorgia Perimeter College
Touré, Maelenn-Kégni Independent Historian
Travis, TryshUniversity of Florida
Trice, GwendolynIndependent Historian
Trsek, KellyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Tsakanias, CarolineUniversité Paul Valéry (France)
Tsuchiya, KazuyoUniversity of Tokyo
Tucker, ClydeIndependent Historian
Tulino, DanielRowan University
Tunnell, HarryIndependent Historian
Turner, CoryUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Turner, MelissaIndependent Historian
Tuten, KassandraIndependent Historian
Uzelac, Constance PorterIndependent Historian
Van Houten, MattUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Vaughan, Míceál
Veitenhans, ColeyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Velasquez, Maria-ElenaIndependent Historian
Venable, Cecilia GutierrezUniversity of Texas, El Paso
Viner, KimIndependent Historian
Von Lehman, KatieUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Wada, KayomiUniversity of Washington, Tacoma
Wade, EvanSan Joaquin Delta College
Waggoner, CassandraIndependent Historian
Wagner, Tricia MartineauIndependent Historian
Walker, MarciaTexam A&M , Corpus Christi
Wallace, MarcusIndependent Historian
Wallace, Yvonne TolletteIndependent Historian
Walton, PeterUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Walton-Raji, AngelaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
Wang, Tabitha C.University of Washington, Seattle
Ward, AndrewIndependent Historian
Ward, Robert V. Jr.Dean, Southern New England School of Law
Wartts, AdrienneIndependent Historian
Washington, AnthonyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Washington, DianneIndependent Historian
Washington, Guy M.National Park Service
Washington, Matthew G.Morgan State University
Watson, ElwoodEast Tennessee State University
Weber, ErikaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Weems, Robert E. Wichita State University
Wellman, JenniferIndependent Historian
West, RacquelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Westbrook, ArianaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Whitaker, Matthew C.Arizona State University
White, Claudia RaeIndependent Historian
White, Claytee D.University of Nevada at Las Vegas
White, DavonUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Wiggs, FredUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Williams, EarlIndependent Historian
Williams, Lisa Y.Independent Historian
Williams, Mary L.National Park Service
Williams, MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Willix, MaryIndependent Historian
Wills, AnitaIndependent Historian
Wilson, CynthiaBlack Genealogy Research Group
Wilson, TeishaMorgan State University
Winter, ElizabethUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Winter, Kari J.State University of New York at Buffalo
Wintz, Cary D.Texas Southern University
Wirth, NikolausUniversity of Augsburg, Germany
Wisniewska, ZuzannaUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Withers, LexisUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Withun, DavidFaulkner University
Wolcott, Victoria W.University of Rochester
Woods, Warren Dawson IIIUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Wooten, AndreIndependent Historians
Wynne, BenUniversity of North Georgia
Yared, Ephrem University of Washington, Seattle
Yearwood, ArmaniUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Yee, ShirleyUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Yoo, Jiwon AmyColumbia University
Yoon, Christina JinIndependent Historian
Young, Eugene "Skip" Jr.Independent Historian
Young, Margaret BlairBrigham Young University
Yu, Karlson University of Washington, Seattle
Zellar, GaryUniversity of Saskatchewan
Zenz, CassandraIndependent Historian
Zhong, MichelleUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Zick, William J.Independent Historian
Zybach, BobIndependent Historian

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