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Documentary Films on - African American History - Director

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The following are documentary films that recommends because of their presentation of African American History. Most of these documentaries are available through

Director/Producersort iconTitle YearAvailable on Amazon?
A&E TelevisionAmerica's Black Warriors (on World War II)1998
A&E TelevisionSlave Catchers, Slave Resisters2005Yes
A&E TelevisionSave Our History: Voices of Civil Rights2005Yes
Abod, JenniferThe Edge Of Each Other's Battles: The Vision Of Audre Lorde2000
Adelman, Larry Race: The Power of an Illusion, Episode One, The Difference Between Us2003Yes
Adelman, Larry Race: The Power of an Illusion, Episode Two, The Story We Tell2003Yes
Adelman, Larry Race: The Power of an Illusion, Episode Three, The House We Live In2003
Amoruso, MarinoNew York Noir: The History of Black New York2001Yes
Appleby, David, et al.At the River I Stand (The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike)1993
Atkinson, Linda and Doob, NickCarmen and Geoffrey2009Yes
Bagwell, Orlando Citizen King (The Life of Martin Luther King)2004Yes
Bash, Carol et al.Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise2004
BBCRequiem for Detroit?2011
Beauchamp, Keith A. The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till2005Yes
Braswell, KennethSpit'in Anger: Venom of a Fatherless Son2014
Browne, KatrinaTraces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North2008
Burnett, CharlesSelma, Lord, Selma1999Yes
Burns, KenThe Central Park Five2012Yes
California NewsreelShattering the Silences: The Case for Minority Faculty1997
Capra, Frank The Negro Soldier1943Yes
Carter, ThomasGifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story2009Yes
Champion, GreggThe Gabby Douglas Story2014Yes
Channing, Steven A.February One2004
Collins, Matthew IIIAmerican Experience: The Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry2005Yes
Craigwell, AntoineYou Are Not Alone2012
Dall, ChristineWild Women Don't Have the Blues1989
Dash, JulieThe Rosa Parks Story2002Yes
David, LukeThe Morgan Lacrosse Story2008Yes
Davidson, DaveA Place Out of Time: The Bordentown School2010Yes
Dixon, AmirFriends of Essex2013
Dower, JohnThrilla in Manila2008
Elwood, William et al.The Road to Brown1989
Evans, RodneyBrother to Brother2005Yes
Everett, KarenI Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs1996
Fernando, SonaliThe Body of a Poet: A Tribute to Audre Lorde1995
Films for the HumanitiesThe Civil Rights Movement Primary Sources: The Color Line on Campus, 19632005Yes
Films for the HumanitiesA Question of Fairness: The Affirmative Action Debate2004
Films for the HumanitiesThe New Ghettos of America2012
Films for the HumanitiesBlack Nation: Urban Decay, Spiritual Renewal, and the African American Community2009
Films for the HumanitiesLong Shadows: The Legacy of the American Civil War1987
Films for the HumanitiesSeparate and Unequal (On Jackson, Mississippi)2006
Films for the HumanitiesBlack/ White & Brown: Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka2004
Films for the HumanitiesWe Shall Not Be Moved: African American Churches in the Civil Rights Era2005
Films for the HumanitiesLet Freedom Ring: Moments from the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-19652008
Ford, Connie Freedom on My Mind1995Yes
Freidrichs, Chad The Pruitt-Igoe Myth: An Urban History2010Yes
Frilot, ShariBlack Nations/ Queer Nations1995
FrontlineInside Obama's Presidency2012Yes
FrontlineEndgame: AIDS in Black America2012Yes
FrontlineDropout Nation2012Yes
Garofalo, Jose H.That’s Livin': The Zora Neale Hurston Story2008
Gast, LeonWhen We Were Kings1997Yes
Gates, Henry LouisAfrican Americans: Many Rivers to Cross2014Yes
Gates, Henry Louis Jr.Finding Oprah's Roots: Finding Your Own2007Yes
Gates, Henry Louis Jr.Leaving Cleaver2008Yes
Gates, Jr., Henry Louis Two Nations of Black America2008Yes
Gayles, JonathanWhite Scripts and Black Supermen: Black Masculinities in Comic Books2011
Georgia Public TelevisionThe Morehouse Men1995Yes
Giles, HenriReflect, Reclaim, Rejoice: Preserving the Gift of Black Sacred Music2014
Glover, DannySoundtrack for a Revolution2010Yes
Goodman, Karen SloeIf She Grows Up Gay1983
Grant, LaurensAmerican Experience: Jesse Owens2012Yes
Griffin, Ada Gay et al.A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde1995
Grimm, ThomasA Tribute to Alvin Ailey1990Yes
Guggenheim, Davis Waiting for Superman2010Yes
Hamilton, Bonnie BoswellThe Powerbroker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights2012
HBOUnchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives2003Yes
HBOLittle Rock Central: 50 Years Later2007Yes
HBO FilmsThe Tuskegee Airmen1996Yes
Heller, CalebY-Love2012
Hercules, Bob and Quinn, GordonA Good Man2011Yes
Hershberger, Kevin R.Up From Slavery2011Yes
Honey, Michael and Webber, Errol Love and Solidarity2014
Hurt, ByronSoul Food Junkies2012Yes
Ives, SteveRoads to Memphis2010Yes
James, SteveThe Interrupters2012Yes
Jarecki, EugeneThe House I Live In2012Yes
Jenz, TomThe Ladies Sing the Blues1989Yes
Jordan, JuneThe Politics of Childhood1990
Joseph, JamalHughes' Dream Harlem2002
Julien, IsaacLooking for Langston1989Yes
Kates, Nancy D. and Singer, BennettBrother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin2003Yes
Keber, LilyBayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker2013
Kenner, RobertJohn Brown’s Holy War2000Yes
Kilberg, RichardAdam Clayton Powell2009Yes
Kirkland, AvonRalph Ellison: An American Journey2001
Klein, WilliamThe Little Richard Story1980
Lacy, Madison D.Richard Wright: Black Boy1994
Lee, GraceAmerican Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs2013
Lee, Spike4 Little Girls (On the 1963 Birmingham Bombing)1998Yes
Lee, SpikeA Huey P. Newton Story2001Yes
Levi, RobertBilly Strayhorn: Lush Life2007
Lewins, ClareI Am Ali2014Yes
Livingston, JennieParis Is Burning1990Yes
Love, KennethOne Shot: The Life and Work of Teenie Harris2001
Lyn Goldfarb and Alison SotomayorTom Bradley's Impossible Dream2014
Lynch, SholaFree Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners2012
Maddux, StuGEN Silent2011
Mahan, LeahCome Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek2013
Martin, Frank For Love of Liberty2009Yes
McClodden, TionaBlack./Womyn.:Conversations with Lesbians of African Descent2008
Media Rich LearningAmerica in the 20th Century: The Civil Rights Movement2010
Merkerson, S. EpathaContradictions of Fair Hope2014Yes
Miles, WilliamBlack Champions (Three Part Series)1986
Miles, WilliamJames Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket1989
Miles, WilliamI Remember Harlem: The Early Years, 1600-19301980
Miles, WilliamMen of Bronze1977Yes
Miles, WilliamThe Different Drummer: Blacks in the Military1983
Miles, WilliamBlack Stars in Orbit1990
Miles, WilliamPaul Robeson: Man of Conscience1986
Miles, WilliamI Remember Harlem: The Depression Years, 1930-19401980
Miles, WilliamI Remember Harlem: Toward Freedom, 1940-19651980
Miles, WilliamI Remember Harlem: Toward A New Day, 1965-19801980
Miles, WilliamLiberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II1992
Mill Creek EntertainmentBlack History: A Retrospective2010Yes
Mock, Freida LeeAnita: Speaking Truth to Power2014Yes
Monroe, Darius ClarkEvolution of a Criminal2014
Montes-Bradley, EduardoJulian Bond: Reflections from the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement2012
Moore, Richard O.Take This Hammer1963
Mosbacher, Dee et al.All God's Children1996
National GeographicThe Day the Big Easy Drowned2010
NBC NewsBiography: Malcolm X, A Search for Identity1995Yes
Nelson, StanleyThe Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords1998Yes
Nelson, StanleyMarcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind2001Yes
Nelson, StanleyThe Freedom Riders2011Yes
Nelson, StanleyAmerican Experience: The Murder of Emmett Till2003Yes
Nelson, Stanley The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution2015
New York Center for Visual HistoryVoices & Visions: Langston Hughes1988
Olsson, Goran The Black Power Mixtape2011Yes
Oremland, PaulBrave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon1993
Osborne, Brad Rising From the Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter2006Yes
Owino, PeresAfricans vs. African Americans: Silent Sibling Rivalry2014
Padrusch, DavidAftershock: Beyond the Civil War2006Yes
Paglin, LauraFacing Forward: A Charter School for At-risk Youth2012
Palcy, EuzhanDisney's Ruby Bridges1998Yes
Parmar, PratibhaA Place of Rage1991
Parmar, PratibhaAlice Walker: Beauty in Truth2013
PBSReconstruction, The Second Civil War: Revolution2005Yes
PBSReconstruction, The Second Civil War: Retreat2005Yes
PBSThe Tuskegee Airmen: They Fought Two Wars2004Yes
PBSMuhammad Ali: Made in Miami2008Yes
PBSNew Orleans2007Yes
PBSPrince Among Slaves2008Yes
PBSFirst Person Singular: John Hope Franklin2007Yes
PBSIn Remembrance of Martin2005Yes
PBSUnforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson2005Yes
PBSNOVA: Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius2007Yes
PBSFlyers: In Search of a Dream2009Yes
PBSFinding Your Roots2012Yes
PBSAmerican Masters: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock & Roll2013
PBSFrontline: Inside Obama's Presidency2013Yes
PBSUnderground Railroad: The William Still Story2012Yes
PBSEyes on The Prize: America's Civil Rights Years 1954-19652010Yes
PBSAmerican Experience - Reconstruction: The Second Civil War2004Yes
PBSAmerican Experience: Freedom Riders2011Yes
PBSAmerican Promise2014Yes
PBSAugust Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand2015Yes
PBS/ WGBH BostonRoots of Resistance1990Yes
Pennebaker, D.A.Keep On Rockin'1991
Perryman, WayneBecause of the Color of Their Skin2014
Pevoto, JohnSetting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White2006Yes
Pollard, SamSlavery By Another Name 2012Yes
Pollard, Samuel D.Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun2008Yes
Portlock, PhilThe Dunbar Legacy: Passing the Torch of Excellence2014
Rapley, RobAmerican Experience: The Abolitionists2013
Raymond, SusanI Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School2005Yes
Raymond, SusanHard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card2008Yes
Renaud, BrentLittle Rock Central High: 50 Years Later2007Yes
Richen, Yoruba et al.The New Black2013
Riggs, MarlonTongues Untied1989Yes
Riggs, MarlonEthnic Notions1986
Riggs, MarlonColor Adjustment1991
Riggs, MarlonBlack Is...Black Ain't1994Yes
Robinson, Wayne D.761st: The Story of the Black Panther Tank Battalion2007Yes
Rubenstein, BenayPassport to the Future: Accessing Higher Education in an Era of Mass Incarceration2012
Schiller, Greta and Rosenberg, RobertBefore Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community1986
Schoendoerffer, PierreAnderson Platoon1967Yes
Schultz, DagmarAudre Lorde: the Berlin Years, 1984 to 19922012
Serrill, WardThe Heart of the Game2006Yes
Shahadah, Owen Alik500 Years Later2008Yes
Siegel, BillThe Trials of Muhammad Ali2014Yes
Simmons, Aishah ShahidahNo!2004
Tangney, Ralph J.Lorriane Hansberry: The Black Experience in the Creation of Drama1975
Taylor, Fred BarneyThe Polymath or the Life and Opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman2007
The History ChannelIn Search of History: The Civil War Draft Riots1996Yes
The History ChannelThe Underground Railroad1998Yes
The History ChannelHonor Deferred2006Yes
The History ChannelKing2008Yes
Thomas, LornaJoe Jackson's Trail2003
Tilghman, Shukree HassanMore Than A Month2011
Turner, ChristineHomegoings2013
Vittoria, StephenMumia: Long Distance Revolutionary2012Yes
WGBH Educational FoundationAfricans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery: Revolution (1750-1805)1998Yes
WGBH Educational FoundationAfricans in America, America's Journey Through Slavery: Brotherly Love (1791-1831)1998Yes
WGBH Educational FoundationAfricans in America, America's JourneyThrough Slavery: Judgment Day (1831-1865)1998Yes
Woods, TedWhite Wash (Film on Black Surfers)2011Yes
Wormser, Richard The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Program One Promises Betrayed (1865-1896)2002Yes
Wormser, Richard The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Program Three Don’t Shout Too Soon (1917-1940)2002Yes
Wormser, RichardThe Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Program Four Terror and Triumph (1940-1954) Shattering the Silence2002Yes
Wormser, RichardThe Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Program Two Fighting Back (1896-1917)2002
Wright, Julie PritchardThe Toured: The Other Side of Tourism in Barbados1991
Xenon StudiosHuey P. Newton: Prelude to Revolution2009Yes
Ziegler, Kortney RyanStill Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen2008
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