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Online Encyclopedia: Global African History, Places

The following are short descriptions of individuals, places and events which have contributed to the shaping of global African history. These encyclopedia entries serve as a starting point for much more inclusive descriptions and discussions that appear in other sources. For additional information please consult the print or website sources cited in the entry.

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Entry Titlesort iconEntry Type
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (1903- )Places
Abuja, Nigeria (1991- )Places
Accra, Ghana (ca. 1500- )Places
Addis Ababa (1886- )Places
Africans at Hadrian's WallPlaces
Algiers, Algeria (circa 9th century AD--)Places
Ancient Kush (2nd millennium B.C. – 4th century A.D.)Places
Ancient Nubia (ca. 5000 BC – 500 AD)Places
Antananarivo, Madagascar (1600s- )Places
Ashanti Empire/ Asante Kingdom (18th to late 19th century)Places
Asmara, Eritrea (ca. A.D. 1000-- )Places
Axum (ca. 100 B.C.E.-ca. 650 A.D.)Places
Bangui, Central African Republic (1889- )Places
Banjul, Gambia (1816- )Places
Belize City, Belize (1638- )Places
Belmopan, Belize (1970- )Places
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau (1687- )Places
Bluefields, NicaraguaPlaces
Brazzaville, Congo (1880- )Places
Buganda (c. late 14th century-present)Places
Cairo, Egypt (founded c. 969 C.E.)Places
Cape Coast CastlePlaces
Cape Town, South Africa (1652-- )Places
Casablanca, Morocco (circa 13th Century CE)Places
Castries, St. Lucia (1650 - )Places
Conakry, Guinea (1884- )Places
Dakar, Senegal (1857- )Places
Dar es Salaam (1857- )Places
Djibouti City, Republic of Djibouti (1888- )Places
East African City States Places
El Mina\ São Jorge da MinaPlaces
Emboscada, Paraguay (1740- )Places
Empire of Kanem-Bornu (c. 9th century-1900)Places
Founding of Sierra LeonePlaces
Four Communes of Senegal (1887-1960)Places
Freetown, Sierra Leone (1792- -)Places
Gaborone, Botswana (1880- )Places
Gao, West AfricaPlaces
Georgetown, Guyana (1781- )Places
Ghana (ca. 750-1076)Places
Gondar, EthopiaPlaces
Great Zimbabwe (ca. 1000-1550 AD)Places
Hamilton, Bermuda (1790- )Places
Harare, Zimbabwe (1890- )Places
Hausa City States (Nigeria)Places
Ibadan, Nigeria (1829- )Places
Ile Ife, Nigeria (ca. 500 B.C.E.- )Places
Johannesburg, South Africa (1886-- )Places
Juba, South Sudan (1922- )Places
Kampala, Uganda (1890- )Places
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